suit [so͞ot]
[ME sute, a pursuit, action of suing, garb, set of garments, sequence < OFr suite < VL * sequita, fem. pp. of sequere, to follow < L sequi, to follow: see SEQUENT]
a) a set of clothes to be worn together; now, esp., a coat and trousers (or skirt), and sometimes a vest, usually all of the same material
b) any complete outfit [a suit of armor]
2. Slang a person wearing a suit; specif., a business executive or a bureaucrat: usually a term of mild derision
3. a group of similar things forming a set or series; specif., any of the four sets of thirteen playing cards each (spades, clubs, hearts, and diamonds) that together make up a pack
4. Historical attendance at the court or manor of a feudal lord
5. action to secure justice in a court of law; attempt to recover a right or claim through legal action
a) an act of suing, pleading, or requesting
b) a petition
7. the act of wooing; courtship
1. to meet the requirements of; be right for or appropriate to; befit
2. to make right or appropriate; fit; adapt
3. to please; satisfy [anything that suits your fancy]
4. to furnish with clothes, esp. with a suit
1. Archaic to correspond or harmonize: usually with to or with
2. to be fit, suitable, convenient, or satisfactory
bring suit
to institute legal action; sue
follow suit
1. to play a card of the same suit as the card led
2. to follow the example set
someone's strong suit or someone's strongest suit
a person's greatest talent, most conspicuous character trait, etc. [patience is my strong suit]
suit oneself
to act according to one's own wishes
☆ suit up
to put on an athletic uniform, spacesuit, etc. in preparation for a particular activity

English World dictionary. . 2014.

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